Shashliks (beef tripe and lung) – 1 pc


Beef tripe and lung

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Shashliks consists of beef tripe and lung. Tripe is a rod and it holds 3 lung pieces. It forms a fun chewing treat that is approx. 20-25 cm long and 5-8 cm wide.

As this treat looks really appealing and fun, it is perfect as a gift.

Lungs – Crude protein 73,7%; Crude fat 9,3%; Moisture 9,78%; Crude ash 4,86%; Crude fibre 0,1%.

Tripe – Crude protein 64,5%; Crude fat 19,28%; Moisture 11,4%; Crude ash 4,6%; Crude fibre 2,2%

No color, fragrance or preservatives added.

Recommendation for use: Give as a treat to your pet between meals. Once the package has been opened, keep in a dry and cool place. Always have fresh drinking water available for your pet! Take your pets chewing habits into account when giving treats.

All our products are packed either into carton boxes or greaseproof paper, which are environmentally friendly and recyclable. Our package is very easy to store and the smell of the product stays inside the package.

Produced in the European Union.


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