WP Junior 18 kg

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Complete feed for puppies from third or fourth month of life (depending on size of breed)

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WINNER PLUS JUNIOR is a particularly nutritious complete feed designed for the
special nutritional requirements of the young dog during period of growth. Best quality chicken and salmon as well as other high quality ingredients provide the very best nutritional values. This recipe is adjusted to this special stage of life and supports the puppy’s development from third or fourth month of life (depending on size of breed) until the end of growth period. The addition of rice ensures optimal digestibility and the contained psyllium husks actively support digestion. Vitamin E obtained from natural raw materials provides active cell protection. The ideal matched quantity ratio of calcium and phosphorus support the healthy development of bones, cartilages and joints. A healthy skin and a shiny coat are favoured by the fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6. WINNER PLUS Junior is a high quality puppy feed including everything your puppy needs for a healthy and appropriate development.

Made without classical grain, soy, corn, eggs, dairy products, chemical colorants, flavouring substances and without cereals containing gluten.

Composition: dried chicken (31%); rice; animal fat; disclosed rice; dried salmon
(6%); dried beet pulp (desugarized); brewer’s yeast; salmon oil; vegetable fiber (of natural origin); mannanoligosaccharides (from natural origin); psyllium husks; inulin (source of natural origin oligosaccharides fruit); glucosamine; chondroitin; minerals, vitamins, trace elements, natural vitamin E.

Analytical constituents: crude protein 29%; fat content 19%; crude fibre 2,90%; crude ash 6,50%; calcium 1,50%; phosphorus 1,10%; selenium 0,50 mg / kg; Omega 3 (0,50%); Omega 6 (3,80%)

Additives per kg. Nutritional additives: vitamin A 24.000 I.U.; vitamin D3 1.800 I.U.; vitamin E 350 I.U.; vitamin B1 15 mg; vitamin B2 20 mg; vitamin B6 20 mg; vitamin B12 210 mcg; vitamin C 200 mg; choline chloride 565 mg; pantothenic acid 50 mg; niacin 50 mg; folic acid 7 mg; taurine 1.000 mg; biotin 1.000 mcg; copper (cupric(II)sulphate pentahydrate) 5 mg; zinc (zinc sulphate, monohydrate) 65 mg; iron (iron (II) sulphate, monohydrate) 50 mg; manganese (manganous-(II)-oxide) 35 mg; iodine (calcium iodate, anhydrous) 1,50 mg; L-carnitine 300 mg.

Technological additives: Antioxidants (vitamin E: tocopherol extracts of natural origin).

Protein 29%, fat 19%


Additional information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 75 × 50 × 20 cm

kuivatatud kana (31%), riis, kanarasv, riisiproteiin, kuivatatud lõhe (6%), kuivatatud peedimass (suhkur eemaldatud); õllepärm; lõheõli; omega 3 & omega 6 rasvhapped; taimne kiudaine (naturaalse päritoluga); mono-oligosahhariidid; psülliumi kestad; inuliin (loodusliku päritoluga frukto-oligosahhariidi allikas); glükosamiin; kondroitiin; letsitiin; vitamiinid; mineraalid; mikroelemendid, naturaalne vitamiin E

Analüütiline koostis

toorproteiin 29%; toorõli ja -rasv 19%; toorkiud 2,90%; toortuhk 6,50%; kaltsium 1,50%; fosfor 1,10%; seleen 0,50 mg / kg; Omega 3 (0,50%); Omega 6 (3,80%)

Lisaained (kg kohta)

vitamiin A 24.000 I.U.; vitamiin D3 1.800 I.U.; vitamiin E 350 I.U.; vitamiin B1 15 mg; vitamiin B2 20 mg; vitamiin B6 20 mg; vitamiin B12 210 mcg; vitamiin C 200 mg; koliinkloriid 565 mg; pantoteenhape 50 mg; niatsiin 50 mg; foolhape 7 mg; tauriin 1.000 mg; biotiin 1.000 mcg; vask (vask (II) sulfaatpentahüdraat) 5 mg; tsink (tsinksulfaat, monohüdraat) 65 mg; raud (raud (II) sulfaat, monohüdraat) 50 mg; mangaan (mangaan-(II)-oksiid) 35 mg; jood (kaltsiumjodaat, veevaba) 1,50 mg; L-karnitiin 300 mg

Tehnoloogilised lisandid

Antsioksüdandid (Vitamiin E: loodusliku päritoluga tokoferooli ekstraktid)


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