Free delivery with parcel machines on orders 49 eur

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Ordering and purchasing

You can also submit an order without registering, as a guest. However, we suggest you consider becoming a loyal customer as it brings many favourable opportunities (please see the advantages of a loyal customer), purchase history is stored and it is easy to submit a repeat order.

When you notice a mistake in your order, please get in touch with us at When the package has not gone out of our warehouse, we can still change the order. In other cases, we do our best to find a solution to the situation.

When you order a parcel to a parcel terminal, it will get to you the next day or the day after that, depending on our collaboration partner and the time when the order was submitted. When you order via a courier, then in three working days. When you pick it up yourself, you can do so after receiving a respective e-mail / message; as a rule, it happens the next day after submitting an order.

It is possible to buy FendaF’s products from our online store, in our Showroom at 11 Sära tee, Peetri, Rae parish, Harju county, and from bigger well-equipped pet shops.

The most precise information about our products is available at the online store on our website: Next to all products, the analytical constituents and recommendations for use are displayed, and, of course, photos of a product as well. In addition to that, you can also find information about our products on our blog.

Picking it up yourself is FREE OF CHARGE
Itella SmartPOST parcel terminal 2.90 euros
Omniva parcel terminal 4.00 euros
DPD parcel terminal 3.00 euros
Courier 6.00 euros

You can store suitable products in the wish basket, those that are extraordinarily out of stock or that you wish to order later.

It is possible to pay via an invoice, choosing this payment option at the online store.

Making a purchase at our online store, your data are protected. We use SSL certificates on our website so that the sensitive data of customers would not get to the third parties.

You can always find the analytical constituents of products next to a respective product at our online store.

You can. In order to do so, you have to write down the data on the company related to you in the field for a recipient of an invoice.

All our products have been packaged into environmentally friendly packages. We package most of the products in cardboard boxes with our logo on them, these can be resealed and also reused later. We use paper for packaging large products.

It is possible to pay with the following means of payment at our online store: SEB Pank, Swedbank, Luminor Pank, LHV Pank, debit and credit card and PayPal.

The prices at the online store include VAT.

Depending on the size of a product and on the assembly options, we have developed weight ranges for all products. However, when you come and visit our Showroom, you can buy the quantity that suits you.

FendaF Showroom

When you order from our online store and wish to pick it up from our Showroom, you can come and pick the products up the next day after 2 p.m. When you pick them up yourself, you can do so after receiving a respective e-mail / message; as a rule, it happens the next day after submitting an order.

Some of our exclusive products are so long (70 to 120 cm) and unfortunately do not fit in parcel terminals, hence they can only be ordered with a courier or coming to pick them up yourself.

Yes, all the product range is available at our Showroom. Products that are temporarily out of stock for some reason or not in our product range are available as samples.

Well-behaved dogs together with their owners are very welcome.

The Showroom is definitely open from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m.; other times, it is open according to previous arrangements – please give us a call at 5270378 (Piret) or 51 51 619 (Irene) or inform us about your wish to visit us at

Loyal customer

Nothing to worry about. Please click on the link indicating your wish to get a new password, insert your e-mail address and, in a couple of seconds, the system will send you a new password that you can later change according to your wishes.

A loyal customer has very many advantages, we make special offers to them. They can get a discount on each purchase and, among other things, we offer the opportunity of an Autoship order. You can read more about all the discounts for loyal customers from the page about the advantages of being a loyal customer.

Product return

Products can immediately be returned to a courier or in FendaF Showroom within 14 calendar says since the products were received. One can only return a product that is in its original package and that has not been opened (the sticker cannot be broken). According to the Law of Obligations Act, the right of withdrawal does not apply to products that, by their nature, cannot be returned.

Please inform us about the products that looks spoiled or have not been ordered by sending an e-mail to or bring them to FendaF Showroom at 10 Kuma tee, Peetri, Rae parish.

In case you discover defects on products delivered by a courier or when you receive a product you have not ordered, please return it to the courier. The goods are safely delivered to us and we can assemble a correct order for you.

We kindly ask you to fill out a form on a product that has gone off and do so either in our Showroom or by sending a digitally signed form to us over e-mail, adding a photo of the product and bringing the product that looks spoiled to us at 10 Kuma tee, Peetri, Rae parish. When you send a product that has gone off to us, we will cover the postal costs.

Once you have returned a product, you will be refunded the amount as soon as we have received the product and confirmed the authenticity of the claim.


When you order online, you will often find more beneficial offers. Over the duration of campaigns, you can use a discount code that you can enter into a respective field at the online store.

In order to use a discount code, it simply needs to be entered into the field of a discount code. After that, you will already see a corrected price for a product.

Products and quality

FendaF collaborates with trustworthy producers who, in turn, have confirmed that they do not add fragrances, flavourings or colourants and other additives while processing the dried products.

You can find the shelf life with the label “Best before” on each package of FendaF’s products. The producer estimates the “Best before” time of natural dried pet treats is at least two years. For testing purposes, we have stored dried treats for more than two years without their qualities having changed.

For packaging our products, we use cardboard as an environmentally friendly material, it can be reused and it poses no danger to the environment.

Our mission is to offer a bit of luxury to every dog. We base our activities on every dog having this small piece of luxury every day, no matter whether it is a domestic dog, a dog in a shelter waiting for their right owner or a lovely inhabitant of a zoo.

We have decided that we will donate 1% to charity and we are cooperating with pet shelters, animal rescue society and wildlife centre. We support these associations on a rotating basis and we also share this information on our blog.

At Tallinn Zoo, we are godparents to a maned wolf couple.

DeLuxe products are products that are not sold on the Estonian market yet or there are very few of them. These have been very carefully chosen, they are exclusive and unique. A buyer of a DeLuxe product can offer this particular bit of luxury for everyday life of their pet.

Pop products are those that are already very popular in Estonia, their quality is well-known, they are loved and bought and many know these products already. Pop products are cheaper than DeLuxe products, there is a discount for buying them in bulk, and they are especially suitable for a price-sensitive customer.

We want to contribute to environmental sustainability and this is why we have started to use cardboard boxes that can, among other things, be reused at home. We protect the living environment from plastic packages.

FendaF’s online store is a secure place for making purchases.

With 3D Secure, all online payments made by MasterCard and Visa bank cards have additional protection. This is a service created by international card organisations and protecting the card owner from improper use of their card in online payments. In order to perform a secure online payment, additional data have to be entered to identify the owner of a credit card.

Paying by credit card and before final confirmation of a payment, you are redirected to identify yourself at the online bank that issued your card. The ordinary home page of the online bank will open and there, you will have to enter the user ID and according to the chosen means of identification, enter a password or a code.

In case you have a claim regarding a product, please send detailed information (attach a photo if possible) to: We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Ordering a gift box

We have carefully assembled four gift boxes that include specially chosen products for small, medium and large dogs. These gift boxes can easily be ordered from the online store as well.

Additionally, you can put together a gift box according to your preferences by choosing suitable products and noting that you wish to have it as a gift. Please add the name, for example, of the recipient of the gift and your wish to them in the field meant for comments.

If you like, you can have the gift box sent directly to the recipient by writing down the address of the recipient of the gift (only when choosing a courier) or the location of a particular parcel terminal and the phone number of the addressee. The recipient of the gift will only get a message stating the parcel has arrived, and can get their gift from a parcel terminal. We make sure that your good wishes and right products get to the recipient of the gift.

Please write your good wishes down in the comments field, and we will turn them into a card that we will add to the gift box.