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Our story

As our story is a bit like a fairy-tale, let us start like all fairy-tales begin…

Once upon a time, there lived two German shepherd dogs, brothers called Faddy and Fenton. They were born on 9 February 2016 in Wunderstern kennel, and altogether, there were 8 puppies in the litter.


Already when they were little, it was clear these two are strange puppies. Whereas other puppies played with anyone, Faddy and Fenton only loved to play with each other. They would play with no end in sight and as a rule, they had to be separated against their will in order to go home.

Most dog owners were telling us to enjoy that time as by the age of 8 months the latest, this joy will be over. Two male dogs cannot possibly get along. We, however, decided that we shall live one day at a time, no matter for how long.

As the dogs were growing up, it was clear how Faddy started to protect Fenton, and Fenton began to rely more and more on Faddy.

By their nature, these brothers are like day and night. Faddy is bold, appears to be confident, self-conscious, always prefers another dog to a human, is benevolent and avoids conflicts but Fenton, on the other hand, is modest, confident only when in a familiar environment (at home), very owner-oriented, a bit shy, careful with new things, a bit envious and incredibly moody. These qualities might as well be the reason why are the dogs still getting along so well.


We knew nothing about each other as dog owners before Faddy and Fenton entered our life. Had these dogs not come into our life, we would neither be friends nor would there be our company FendaF

In spring 2017, we talked about our own business for the first time – its positive and negative aspects. Piret had had this idea on her mind for years already but there was always this “something” missing. Now it seemed like the right thing to do and we set about doing things. In our ovens at home, we turned the digestive organs of game into treats, we did some marketing and distributed the ready-made treats to our acquaintances. All the treats were received well. In addition to game, we decided to use the digestive organs of farm animals and birds for making treats as well. These were also received well by the dogs.

The name for the company was also born in summer that year – FendaF

FendaF symbolises the connection between two brothers. The name was derived from the first three letters of the names of both brothers. In 2017, the company was registered but we only got to a clear vision in spring 2019.

Each dog (be it a domestic/couch dog, working/sports dog or a dog waiting to get to their home from a shelter) deserves a bit of luxury in their day.

This became FendaF’s mission and two brothers, Faddy and Fenton, are inspiring us every day to work for this noble mission!