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Our team

Our team

Faddy is one of the sources of inspiration and tasters of products of our company. Faddy was born on 9 February 2016, and he is affectionately called Faddu at home.

From his youth, he has gone to obedience and defence practices, and in the meantime, he also did track training. Faddy has a younger friend at home, a German shepherd called Oscar who is two years Faddy’s junior.

Faddy is bold, confident, self-conscious, always prefers another dog to a human, is benevolent by nature and avoids conflicts whenever possible. Faddy loves raw food, he especially likes ribs, turkey ham and necks. Faddy’s favourite treats are: horse liver, beef liver, beef lung and udder.

We put a stamp “Recommended by Faddy!” or “Recommended by Faddy and Fenton!” on all Faddy’s favourite treats.

Fenton is the second source of inspiration and taster of products of our company. Fenton was also born on 9 February 2016. Fenton’s nickname is Fentu.

Fenton practices obedience, and in addition to testing products, he is enjoying his couch dog life with a Labrador friend Pekwa.

Fenton is modest. He is confident only when in a familiar environment (at home). He is very owner-oriented, a bit shy and careful with new things, a bit envious and incredibly moody. Fenton is a complete gourmand and picks treats according to his moods – what goes well on one day, might not go well the next day. Fenton’s favourite treats are: beef lip, beef liver, udder and pork spaghetti.

We put a stamp “Recommended by Fenton!” or “Recommended by Faddy and Fenton!” on all Fenton’s favourite treats.

Raw food and everything related to it is Piret’s big passion. In summer 2019, she started polishing her knowledge on a Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist course organised by Dogs Naturally Magazine. Once the course is completed, she should be issued a certificate on raw foodism.

Piret has over 20 years of experience as an owner of German shepherds. She currently has two German shepherds at home – Faddy and Oscar. She is active in dog sports – defence and obedience.

Piret has animal welfare in her heart. Her big dream is to have every dog have access to a bit of luxury in their day, be it a domestic dog, pedigree dog or a dog in a shelter, waiting for their right owner.

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Irene has more than 20 years of experience as an owner of different breeds. She has previously had a Doberman and a German shepherd. She is currently the lucky owner of a German shepherd called Fenton and a Labrador called Pekwa.

For all her life, Irene has been giving to charity both for humans and also in the dog world. Labrador Pekwa was also a therapy dog for three years, and together, they contributed to supporting the children and the elderly.

Oscar is the assistant taster of our team as he has a very developed sense of taste. Oscar was born on 21 March 2018 and his nickname is Ossu.
Oscar enjoys raw food and selects the tastiest treats. Everything new and interesting needs a bit of getting used to it.
Oscar goes to both obedience and defence practices, he is very bold and energetic by nature. On a daily basis, he spends his free time storming around with his friend Faddy.

Our team member Pekwa takes care of cleanliness and order. His watchful eyes leave no excessive pieces of treats lying around. Everything has either been packaged properly or eaten .

Pekwa was born on 8 January 2011 and his nickname is Peku. For three years of his life, he worked as a therapy dog. Currently, he is enjoying retirement but still goes to obedience practices. Sometimes, when he has had enough of lying down, he starts to play with his friend Fenton.