Cat scratch bow

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Stylish and stable scratch bow, exclusively on sale in our internet shop and in our showroom. A beautiful home with a cat should also have good looking cat furniture. With this bow, your furniture will be saved from the cat’s claws. Let the cat tear, sit or hang on the itch-bow for your home and for your best furry friend! With the specially designed four stable legs, the itch arch is safe.

Scratch bow is made of solid wood and covered with natural cord. Assembling is very easy.

If a cat does not immediately understand the use of a scratch bow or refuses to scratch it at first, then it is a good idea to spray catnip spray on it. Catnip is sold in pet stores and is appealing to cats and makes the scratching tree attractive to them. However, if the cat does not respect the female ache, you can try pheromone sprays like Feliway, which also makes the scratching tree interesting.

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