WP Adult holistic 2 kg


Complete feed for all breeds with food sensitivity


WINNER PLUS HOLISTIC ADULT holistic rich in fresh chicken meat is a very high-quality complete feed ideal for sensitive dogs of all breeds with particular nutritional stomach and intestinal requirements. The gluten free composition without corn and classical grain, with chicken and lamb as only source of animal protein ensures the best compatibility for all dogs especially for dogs with allergies and intolerances against gluten. The prime dried and fresh chicken meat and best quality lamb (together 44% meat content) guarantee a high digestibility.
Ensures the consumption of natural vitamins supporting the immune system, providing active cell protection against free radicals. L-carnitine promotes energy and fat metabolism, recovery after stress and is enhancing the performance. The addition of high-quality, natural herbs together with FOS (Inulin) ensures optimal metabolism, best health and supports the intestinal flora. L-Carnitine promotes the energy and fat metabolism, the regeneration after stresses and has a powerful effect. The contained fruits provide natural vitamins, together with the
vitamin E derived from natural raw materials support the immune system and offer active cell protection against the free radicals. Glucosamine of the New Zealand green-lipped mussel and chondroitin ensures good development and strengthening of tendons, cartilage and joints.

Produced without wheat, classical grain, soy, corn, eggs, dairy products, chemical
colour, flavouring substances and cereals containing gluten.

Composition: Chicken 40% (of which 14% fresh chicken meat); rice; chicken fat; dried lamb (4%); peas; dried sugar beet pulp (desugarized); dried potato; potato starch; brewer’s yeast; salmon oil; linseed oil; dried carob pods; mannan-oligosaccharides (from natural origin); inulin (source of natural fructo-oligosaccharides); herbs (marigold, fennel, chamomile, peppermint, parsley, fenugreek seed, chicory root, licorice root, carob flour); red fruits (dog rose, raspberry, blueberry, chokeberry, apple); Omega 3 (0,6%); Omega 6 (3%); glucosamine from green lipped mussel meat (Perna canaliculus); minerals; vitamins; trace elements; natural vitamin E.

Analytical components: raw protein 27%; crude oils and fats 16%; raw fibers 2%; crude ash 7.20%; calcium 1.90%; phosphorus 1.15%.

Additives (per kg): vitamin A 17,000 IU; vitamin D3 1,700 IU; vitamin E 200 mg; vitamin C 200 mg; vitamin B1 15 mg; vitamin B2 20 mg; vitamin B6 20 mg; vitamin B12 100 mcg; biotin 900 mcg; pantothenic acid 50 mg; folic acid 5 mg; L-Carnitine 250 mg; iron (ferrous sulphate, monohydrate) 180 mg; zinc (zinc wisteria zinc chelate, hydrate) 160 mg; copper (copper wisteria chelate, hydrate) 20 mg; manganese (manganese- (II) -oxide) 16 mg; iodine (calcium iodate) 2 mg; selenium (sodium selenite) 0.25 mg.

Technological additives: Antioxidants (Vitamin E: tocopherol extracts of natural origin).

Protein 27%, fat 16%


Additional information

Weight 2 kg

kana 40% (millest 14% on toores kanaliha); riis; kanarasv; kuivatatud lambaliha (4%); herned; suhkrupeedimass (suhkur eemaldatud); kuivatatud kartul; kartulitärklis; õllepärm; lõheõli; linaseemneõli; kuivatatud jaanileivapuu kaunad; mono-oligosahhariidid; inuliin; ürdid (saialill, fenkol, kummel, piparmünt, petersell, lambaläätse seemned, sigurijuur, lagritsajuur); punased marjad ja puuviljad (koer-kibuvits, vaarikas, mustikas, aroonia, õun); omega 3 (0,6%); omega 6 (3%); glükosamiin rohelistest merekarpidest; mineraalid; vitamiinid; mikroelemendid; naturaalne vitamiin E

Analüütiline koostis

toorproteiin 27%; toorõli ja -rasv 16%; toorkiud 2%; toortuhk 7.20%; kaltsium 1.90%; fosfor 1.15%

Lisaained (kg kohta)

vitamiin A 17,000 IU; vitamiin D3 1,700 IU; vitamiin E 200 mg; vitamiin C 200 mg; vitamiin B1 15 mg; vitamiin B2 20 mg; vitamiin B6 20 mg; vitamiin B12 100 mcg; biotiin 900 mcg; pantoteenhape 50 mg; foolhape 5 mg; L-karnitiin 250 mg; raud (raudsulfaat, monohüdraat) 180 mg; tsink (tsink kelaat, hüdraat) 160 mg; vask (vask kelaat, hüdraat) 20 mg; mangaan (mangaan – (II) -oksiid) 16 mg; jood (kaltsiumjodaat) 2 mg; seleen (naatriumseleniit) 0.25 mg

Tehnoloogilised lisandid

Antsioksüdandid (Vitamiin E: loodusliku päritoluga tokoferooli ekstraktid)


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