Complete food for dogs of all breeds. From best freshly slaughtered meat in human food quality. The high-quality of the raw materials are carefully processed, gluten- and allergen-free and guarantee the best compatibility. The added safflower oil ensures a healthy skin and a shiny coat. Suitable for dogs that has some type of allergy or food intolerance or that have skin or fur issues.

Made without: chemical colorants, flavorings and preservatives, shaped meat, meat and bone meal, GMO, cassia gum, egg and dairy products, gluten and soy.

Additional information

Weight 0.45 kg

50% chicken meat and animal by-products (liver, heart, stomachs, necks), 15% salmon, 25% naturally contained meat and fish juice, 5% rice, 4% carrots, parsley, 1% minerals and trace elements, safflower oil, vitamins, fatty acids Omega 3 & Omega 6.

Analytical composition

Moisture 79%; crude protein 12%; crude fat 6%; crude ash 2,5%; crude fiber 0,5%


Vitamin D3 200 R.Ü.; vitamin E 30 mg/kg; manganese 1,4 mg/kg; zinc 25 mg/kg; iodine 0,75 mg/kg

Substances of natural origin

Vitamin A, vitamin C, L-carnitine, biotin, taurine, iron, zinc
Calcium-phosphorus ration 1,3:1


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