Salmon & zucchini, 400g


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Complete feed for dogs of all breeds made with prime salmon. The high-quality raw materials, gluten free and allergen free, are carefully selected and processed as done with human food quality, without alteration ensuring a better digestibility, making this feed also suitable for sensible and senior dogs. The fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6, contained in the salmon, favor a healthy skin and a shiny coat, while the zucchini, amaranth and Chia seeds ensure an optimal digestibility.

Made without chemical colorants, flavorings and preservatives, meta and bone meal, GMO, egg and dairy products, gluten and soy.

Additional information

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lõhe 63%, naturaalne lõhe puljong 28%, suvikõrvits 4%, rebashein 2%, chia seemned 1%, lõheõli 1%, mineraalid ja mikroelemendid 1%, vitamiinid; omega 3 & omega 6 rasvhapped.

Analytical composition

Niiskus 78%; toorproteiin 10%; toorrasv 6,5%; toortuhk 2%; toorkiud 0,4%


D3 vitamiin 200 R.Ü.; E vitamiin 50 mg; mangaan 2 mg; tsink 20 mg; jood 0,2 mg

Substances natural origin

A vitamiin, C vitamiin, L-karnitiin, biotiin, tauriin, raud.
Kaltsiumi-fosfori suhe 1,3:1


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