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Supplement for dogs and cats

Package size: 600g

WINNER PLUS Algomar Seaweed Tablets are made from fresh seaweed and are a high-quality natural product that promotes optimal stimulation of coat, nose, and paw pad pigmentation, thanks to the included iodine, zinc, and carotenoids. Thanks to their high content of minerals, amino acids, and trace elements, Algomar Seaweed Tablets help compensate for unbalanced diets and have a positive impact on the coat.

The amino acid lysine contained in the tablets optimizes feed efficiency. Both cellulose and mannitol actively support digestion and food absorption. Thanks to its high vitamin content (such as vitamin C), both the immune system and overall condition are strengthened, promoting performance motivation.

• A natural product made from seaweed
• Strengthens the immune system, overall condition, and performance motivation
• Stimulates coat, nose, and paw pad pigmentation

Natural health straight from the sea. Seaweed is an organic food rich in natural mineral salts. Seaweed is rich in iodine, salt, calcium, sulfur, potassium, iron, and magnesium.

Seaweed tablets also help to clean teeth.

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