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Supplement for dogs (perfect for german shepherds, rottweilers and other breeds that have a lot of black in their fur)

Package size: 600g

WINNER PLUS B-Plus Pro – это природный дополнительный продукт, изготовленный из трав, ягод, дрожжей и водорослей. Ideal for dogs of every breed and age to enhance the black color in their fur as well as the intensity of other colors. It also supports skin pigmentation in the nostrils, lips, and eyelids. B-Plus PRO ensures a healthy coat and optimal color thanks to precisely aligned natural ingredients.

• Natural product from the Breeders’ Series
• Intensifies active colors in the fur coat as well as in the skin pigment
• With healthy seaweed, herbs, and berries
• Quick effect and optimal approval and compatibility
• Suitable for puppies and growing dogs as well
• Recommended by well-known European breeders
• Without soy, wheat, egg powder, and dairy products
• Made in Germany
• Research and production without animal testing

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Fresh seaweed (dried), brewer's yeast, herbs (birch leaves, milk thistle seeds, nettle leaves), berries (rose hips, elderberries), carrots.

Feeding recommendation (per day)

1 gram for every 2 kilograms of the dog's weight as part of their daily food.

The provided quantities are recommended and can be adjusted according to your pet's needs.


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