Biotiin Forte tablets


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Supplement for dogs and cats

Package size: 200 g

WINNER PLUS Biotiin Forte tablets is a totally natural product. Regular use supports a healthy shiny coat and maintains adequate skin moisture, including supporting the shedding of old hair during the coat change. Additionally, it promotes carbohydrate and lipid-protein metabolism and is important in the breakdown of B-vitamins. When administered correctly, it supports healthy skin, strong and shiny coat, and reduces hair shedding.

It also helps protect the functions of sebaceous glands, nervous tissue, and bone marrow. Biotin Forte ingredients also contribute to optimal coat, nose, and paw pad pigmentation, among other things.

• Excessive hair shedding, dull, dry, and brittle coat
• Dermatitis, eczema, skin irritations and injuries, pigmentation disorders

Best before: 01/2025

Additional information


Biotin (H-vitamin), yeast, milk and dairy products, vitamins

Analytical composition

crude protein 36%; crude oil and fat 2.40%; crude fibre 0.30%; crude ash 6.30%

Additives (per kg)

biotin 4,000,000 mcg.

Feeding recommendation (per day)

Small dogs (up to 10 kg): 2 tablets
Middle sized dogs (up to 20 kg): 3 tablets
Large dogs (up to 40 kg): 4 tablets
Large and extra large dogs (over 40 kg): 5 tablets

Cats: 0,5 tablets

In case of coat problems, administer the above doses for 8 weeks. In the future, half of the given dose is sufficient.

Usage recommendation

Mix with food or give separately. For picky cats and dogs, we recommend crushing the tablets beforehand.


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