WP Red Sandeel Oil

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Supplement for dogs and cats

Package size: 1000 ml

WINNER PLUS Red Sandeel Oil is a natural dietary supplement that contains a high amount of carotene, which contributes to achieving a shiny and soft coat, promotes a delicate and elastic skin, and has a positive effect on pigmentation.

• For skin problems and allergies
• Promotes healthy and shiny coat
• Environmentally friendly oil extraction

The high concentration of valuable fats and omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids guarantees optimal energy input. Polyunsaturated fatty acids trigger a positive response against skin problems and allergies, particularly assisting with joint pain.

The oil is also beneficial with itching and chronic allergic irritation. By giving your dog the red sandeel oil, you can provide an optimal contribution to a healthy diet. It does not contain proteins and contains only very small amounts of vitamins A, D, and E (no nutritional impact).

Highest quality considering the environment:
The fishing of Red Sandeel and oil production are carried out in accordance with European Union guidelines and only take place during the first 6-8 weeks of spring when the fish have the highest concentration of eggs.

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Red Sandeel Oil (Gymnammodytes cicerelus)

Feeding recommendation (per day)

Very large dogs (over 40 kg): 25-30 ml
Large dogs (up to 40 kg): 20 ml
Middle sized dogs (up to 20 kg): 10 ml
Small breeds (up to 10 kg): 5 ml

Cats: 5 ml


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