Beef fat powder = pure and natural energy!

• For dogs with increased energy needs
• stimulates appetite
• improves skin and coat structure
• also suitable for pregnant and lactating females

NATURAL PLUS Beef Fat Powder is an energy-providing dietary supplement made from the finest pure beef fat and high-quality glucose. It provides natural, quickly accessible energy that the dog obtains through the blood due to glucose.

Glucose triggers insulin, a hormone that ensures that the fat and fatty acids contained in the beef fat powder are stored in the body’s depots and are quickly accessible to the dog as high-quality and readily available energy.

Ideal as an energy source for dogs with elevated energy requirements such as hunting, sporting, and working dogs, as it promotes strength, performance, and endurance.

Beef fat powder also supports metabolism and the immune system, providing sufficient calories for poorly eating or underweight dogs as an appetite stimulant. Also suitable for dogs in recovery (e.g., after surgery).

Additionally, fat is a great flavor enhancer, thus increasing the appeal for dogs with poor appetite.

Pregnant females in the last third of their pregnancy can benefit from the added energy provided by beef fat powder to support a healthy gestation phase and ensure optimal development of unborn puppies. For pregnant females, beef fat powder provides an adequate amount of calories and increases the fat content in milk.

For puppies and growing dogs that tend to be lean and lose weight despite sufficient food, beef fat powder helps them gain weight and achieve a healthy, optimal, and breed-appropriate growth and size.

The high-quality fats and oils found in beef fat powder help with various issues such as dry skin, excessively coarse coat structure, or insufficient undercoat.

This product is also very suitable as an addition to the B.A.R.F. diet, as dogs that consume only raw meat often lose weight due to the lack of sufficient animal fat in their diet.

Produced without GMOs, grains, egg powder, dairy products, and chemical colorants, fragrances, and flavorings.

Best before: 15.12.2024

Additional information


beef fat 80%, glucose 14%

Analytical composition:

Protein 3%, fat 80%, ash 2%, moisture 1%, glucose 14%

Feeding recommendation (daily):

Small dogs up to 10 kg: 1 teaspoon
Medium dogs up to 20 kg: 1 tablespoon
Large dogs up to 40 kg: 2 tablespoons
Large dogs over 40 kg: 2-3 tablespoons
Puppies: max 0.5 teaspoon
Growing young dogs: 0.5-2 teaspoons
Cats: 0.5 teaspoons


Give either with food or directly. When mixing with dry food, the food should be moistened (e.g. with water or wet food).


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