WP Carrot Tablets with Biotin


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Supplement for dogs

Package size: 200 g

WINNER PLUS Carrot Tablets with Biotin is a natural product that helps maintain a steady body weight. These promote overall body cleansing, support pigmentation, and ensure proper skin shedding. Natural vitamin A is often necessary and recommended because its nutritional value can be lost during processing.

• Strengthens immune system
• Improves reproductive activity
• Supports the appearance of natural pigment
• Carotene is purported to have some anthelmintic (anti-parasitic) effect

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Additional information


carrot (dried and ground), milk and dairy products, beta-carotene, dextrose, biotin, vitamins.

Analytical composition

crude ash 6%; crude protein 5%; crude fiber 2,50%; crude oil and fat 1.20%


biotin 4,000 mcg

Feeding recommendation (per day)

Small dogs (up to 10 kg): 2 tablets
Middle sized dogs (up to 20 kg): 4 tablets
Big dogs (up to 40 kg): 6 tablets
Large and extra large dogs (over 40 kg): 8 tablets

Once you have achieved the recommended result, we recommend continuing with a dosage of 1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight.

Usage recommendation

Mix with food or give separately. For picky dogs, we recommend crushing the tablets beforehand.


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